Protected: The Gardeners’ April 10, 2018 Meeting Minutes

St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Devon

Our pre-meeting horticultural demonstration was conducted by Horticulture Committee Chair Michele Spence:


Unless you are a really hardy person, wear gauntlet gloves and clothing you do not mind being caught on a rose thorn!
Annual rose pruning contributes to health, production and longevity of roses.

→Use sharp pruners.
→Cut branches that make the plant lopsided.
→Cut out ...

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Protected: The Gardeners 2017 January Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2017

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Devon, PA


January/February Dates to Remember:

January 18:  PCGCA Meeting, Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse, 10AM

February 3:  Executive Committee Meeting, Karen Helm’s house,10:30 AM

February 3:  Final day for donations to the Fertilizer Fund

February 14:  Meeting, Program and Refreshments, at the home of Cathy Decker

February 20-23:  NAL Conference, Washington, D.C.


President, Karen Helm opened the meeting with Happy New Year wishes to all members. She thanked hostesses: Anne Kellett, Anne Barnett, Joan Harvey, Joan Roberts, ...

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Protected: Michele Spence

Meet Michele Spence


My earliest  garden memory?

Apart from falling into a large bed of stinging nettles at my Great Grandparents home when I was three, I remember my Grandfather. He was a Headmaster and lived on the school grounds.  As punishment for any infraction a boy committed, he had to work in my Grandparents garden. My interest in gardening grew.

What are your two favorite flowers or plants?

My favorite plant is the hellebore. I did not know it at all ...

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How Were Your Holidays?

I know that December seems so far away, now that we are kicking January into the past and pushing ahead to February.  Some of you  slogged through the holidays fighting the flu and colds while trying to keep the holiday traditions for family and friends.  We’re here and we made it.   I hope the photos shown below will help warm you over the weekend of frigid temperatures.

As a reminder, The Gardeners  Christmas arrangements were delivered to Inglis House, Surrey Services, Eldernet and ...

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