April 2015 Flower Show With Photography and Jewelry

Feast your eyes on these wonderful photos depicting the flower arranging, the horticulture, the jewelry and the photography from our April Flower Show.  We really need to thank Pam Thompson and her committee for how well organized everything looked.  I’m sure Barbara Geltosky received the same reaction from the judges while she was clerking for the Flower Arranging and Jewelry classes as I and Liz Mercogliano did clerking for Horticulture.  The judges were pleased with the quality of the plants and the proper nomenclature on the classes of daffodils.  The exhibitors did their homework.

I gave a complete history of the ribbons given in the April minutes.  I will mention here again that Deb Donaldson was given the Best in Show in Horticulture on two of her plants and Dora Rogers was given Best in Show for her beatle entry in Jewelry.

What is so interesting is how easily Pam and her committee accommodated the judges.  When the judges suggested that we split certain classes, our people moved right in and rearranged plants and entries and made it happen.  I know the same occurred in flower arranging.  This show was a real treat for everyone.

I think it is so nice–as you can see from the photo–that Anne Kellett presents gifts to all the judges.  A few of the judges remained for lunch.




  1. Peggy Shaver  May 17, 2015

    Love seeing this!!


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