August at the Grange

A really good crowd of Gardeners–human and canine–arrived for the August cleanup of The Grange from near and far. I guess Sandy Beal came the distance from New Castle, Delaware, and was among the last to leave.  Sandy didn’t let her fused spine stop her.  She sat on the ground, found a good position and weeded. Amazing! Also great to see one of our new provisional members–Liz Mercogliano in the mix.

All our new plantings are so lush and green thanks to the rainy days we have had. If any of you can identify the plant in the bottom photo sharing the spotlight with a hardy Begonia–Begonia Grandis–write a comment on the blog and tell us what you think it is.

On another note, we are not through August; but, you are probably still spending a lot of time in your garden harvesting, weeding, pinching, etc.  Remember to hydrate. A number of us were comparing notes while working at The Grange on what symptoms we experienced with dehydration– light headedness, dizziness or fainting and some having to suffer through emergency tests to make sure it wasn’t the heart. I thought all you needed was to drink water; but, I was corrected in that we may need something to help the electrolytes if we are dehydrated. That said, wear your hat, protect your eyes and hydrate with the liquid of choice.

Barbara and Liz

Barbara and Liz

Mansion Walk Garden

Mansion Walk Garden

Sandy, Joan, Liz, Wyn, Barbara, Cathy, Michele, Connie with Butter

Sandy, Joan, Liz, Wyn, Barbara, Cathy Michele, Connie with Butter

Joan Roberts and Butter

Joan Working. Butter Watching.

Wyn and

Wyn and Liz

Identify plant on left

Identify bottom plant with Autumn Begonia



  1. cathy decker  August 8, 2014

    I think plant is honey locust tree. Great article Connie as are ALL of your articles and photos too. Thanks for all you do. What a wonderful website we have!


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