Barbara Geltosky Receives Zone Conservation Award

BGBG2It is with such pleasure and pride that I announce to you that Barbara Geltosky, our GCA National Affairs and Legislation Committee Vice-Chair for Energy, was awarded The Zone Conservation Award at the Awards Luncheon at the Zone V meeting this past week. Lindsay Marshall, the GCA National Affairs & Legislation representative gave a glowing introduction about Barbara and why they were presenting this award to this person before even mentioning her name. I really wish I had these introductory notes because obviously, the GCA folks are so pleased with Barbara, her writing and her contributions.

We’ll give you a full report later about the Zone V meeting, but I wanted to get this announcement to you quickly so that you can send Barbara your congratulations.

Attending the Zone V Awards Luncheon from our garden club were Wyn Coghlan, your president; Connie Stelzenmuller, your delegate; Josselyn McAdam, the Zone V Visiting Gardens representative and Betsy Crowell, the Zone V Founder’s Fund representative. We were all so proud.

Barbara’s award was beautifully framed and read:

The Zone Conservation Award
recognizes service to Conservation presented to Barbara Geltosky
With appreciation for her enthusiastic dedication to Zone V Conservation efforts and for her impact as GCA Vice Chairman of Energy Resources.

Well done Barbara!




  1. cathy decker  October 21, 2014

    Congratulations to you Barbara for a well deserved award!!!


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