July 2015 Grange Workday


By Anne Barnett






If you think everyone is away, surprise!  The Gardeners showed up for a great Tuesday work day at The Grange, and we had fun.  Jane Moore began uncovering  the rose beds, Joan Roberts, Connie Stetzenmuller, Wyn Coughlin, Cathy Decker, Sara Collier, Anne Barnett weeded the entrance garden and the garden by the Amphitheater.  Unfortunately none of the three dogwoods survived the winter and they will be replaced.  Cathy spotted the Heuchera  villosa, “Autumn Bride”; Golden Star Chrysogorum virginiam;   and mountain mine, Meehenia Cordata among the many plants donated by Sandy Beale.  Begonias from former member, Ann Seybert are thriving by the water wheel.  We would always love to see any helping hands.  There is much more to do than just weeding.  Next work day:  Tuesday, August 4th at 9:00AM .  

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Editor’s Note:  There is someone at the Grange constructing furniture from logs found around the 10-acre woods.  I am sitting at the handmade picnic table.

I asked Roy what was going on at The Grange  and he handed me a long list of activities, some of which I will mention.


  • Nature Camp for 4 – 6 year olds in the am and 6 – 10 years in the pm conducted by The Colonial Plantation of PA July 13 – August 3.
  • Mansion Tours open Saturday and Sunday 1 – 4 pm.  Last day of tours is October 25.
  • Attic Treasure Sale September 12, 9 – noon.

I asked Roy about the honey harvest this year and here is  his response:

“An inspection of the hives on Friday found that there is not yet enough honey to have a harvest.  So unfortunately we will not be having the honey harvest this year.  The good news is that the bees are strong in the reproductive realm and in fact it looks like we will be able to start some additional hives with new queens to add to these hives which were just getting established this year.”






  1. Wyn  July 14, 2015

    Thank you Anne and Connie!
    It was a good workday. Very enjoyable. Thank you for posting the events at The Grange. Maybe I will make it to the Attic Treasure Sale.


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