New Photos and Message from “The Gardener-In-Chief”

In January, our splendid Christmas decorations at Woodford Mansion were taken down, supervised by our project co-chairs, Lynn McGregor and Sandy Beale. The Woodford staff were effluent in their praise, and their board members pronounced that Woodford had never looked better. Gold stars to all the ladies of the committee, with a very special mention to talented Barbara Meyers who beautifully crafted faux cookies, candies, cakes, and breads for the dining room and kitchen tables. What an effort!!. Karen Helm hosted the committee to make a mountain of pomanders from orange and cloves: we learned a lesson that live pomanders do not last a month!

Please click here to view photos taken at Woodford Mansion

We are looking forward to our February 14 joint-meeting with “The Planters” at Morris Arboretum, with Meadowbrook’s Diana Weiner showing us the newest in “Cool Garden Tools”. Plans are underway for our Hawiian table-class exhibit for the Philadelphia Flower Show ,under the leadership of Eileen Longacre.

Here’s hoping for a short winter hibernation, and an early Spring!

– Your Proud President, Betsy Crowell



  1. Debbie Hamilton  January 20, 2012

    Absolutely LOVE IT!!! Great website and blog. You are the best! Congratulations all around.
    Please let the “Com.Coms” know!!!


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