NEWS FROM “The Grange” – The Gardeners’ Public Parks Project 2010 to 2013

So much work has been completed at the Grange over the winter months. The re-pointing of the “ruin” and the adjacent wall has made such a big difference to the Water-wheel area, one of the locations where The Gardeners have been clearing and planting. The main development at the Grange has been the clearing of the new ‘amphitheater’, a long-overgrown slope with the wall and ruin as background, that will be developed for performances. This will be a perfect setting for local theater, music, or other presentations, expanding the outreach services of The Grange to the local community. 

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Here is The Gardeners’ 2012 Grange Plan:

Phase 1 – The front walled entrance bed – landscaping is completed, maintenance/ weeding and urn planting continue (we will replace the Yucca ‘golden sword’).

Phase 2 – Front Water-wheel area – main plantings are completed (azaleas); we will, transplant Daffodil bulbs, continue maintenance/weeding, remove old yew and replace e.g. with white Viburnam ; at later date when regrading is completed, we will plant a flowering tree e.g. Crepe Myrtle adjacent to ruin / wall to close off current pathway

Phase 3 – Rear Water-wheel area – main focus for 2012: see details below

Phase 4  – Washington Walkway (adjacent to Amphitheater area).


Our main attention this year will be to develop the site at the rear of the Water-wheel. 

Initially we will continue clearing the area of weeds and the dreaded Climbing Wisteria . The Grange will ‘lay-down’ the S path (already started by Roy) from the main path to the ‘gap’ in the ruin wall. In addition, we will plant ‘foundation’ trees and shrubs in this area, noting that we will keep the existing ferns and also transplant daffodils and grape hyacinths from elsewhere in the grounds.

Listed below are the plants that will work in a Woodland setting and fit in with the overall strategic vision of the Grange as a Victorian garden:-

Stage 1 planting – Flowering Dogwood  and Red-twig dogwood (Woodland) – close to rear water-wheel house; agreed.

Stage 2 planting – Smokebush (Victorian ) , Lilac (Victorian) – close to main path, possibly replace old yews along wall with Mahonia; to be confirmed.

2012 Budget:

The original budget proposed for the Public Parks Committee (The Grange) set up in 2010 was $1500; to date we have spent $550 .  This year I anticipate further expenditure in the region of $4-500 to support the above plans.  I have already started visiting garden centers to look at plant costs for Stage 1 planting.

Thanks to all Gardeners who have participated and who will give time this spring and summer to accomplish our goals!

Public Parks Chairs: Sarah Collier and Cathy Decker


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