About the Club

Gardeners Presidents
The Gardeners Garden Club draws its members and volunteer activities from Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Dating from 1907, The Gardeners was one of three founding clubs of the Garden Club of America which was formed in Philadelphia in 1913. The Gardeners today is one of 200 member-clubs of The Garden Club of America; we are located in Zone V. The Gardeners is a member-club of The Philadelphia Committee for the GCA, and of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

The Gardeners is designated a 501C3 organization, serving the community.

Its members are active in:

  • Self-education and community education
  • Conservation projects, both individual and community
  • Personal skills and competitions in horticulture and flower arranging
  • Contributed services and plantings to public parks and gardens
  • Contributed services and flower arrangements to public facilities
  • Working with other garden clubs toward Philadelphia urban improvements
  • Funding scholarships for conservation and environmental education
  • Funding organizations who work to improve community environment
  • Documentation and preservation of local gardens
  • National affairs and legislation as they affect the environment

The Gardeners currently has 85 members, 55 of whom are “active” members. The Gardeners meet monthly from September to June for business and speakers; in addition its committees conduct projects, workshops, and fieldtrips. Many Gardeners are strong competitors in classes in horticulture, flower arrangement, and larger displays, at the Philadelphia International Flower Show staged annually in March for the benefit of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Members of The Gardeners are local and national judges of competitions in horticulture and flower arranging, and are eager to share their knowledge and experience.