Admissions Procedures for The Gardeners

All members may bring a guest to any given meeting after clearing it with the President and head hostess. However, when the guest is a potential candidate for membership there is a new procedure.

A Gardener who would like to make a proposal must first bring the name of her candidate to the President and the Admissions Chair no less than three weeks before a meeting. The President will then send an email to the membership announcing this candidate’s name and giving a few details about her.

Members then have an opportunity within the next two weeks to write (email is permissible) comments to the Admissions Chair. If two or more negative comments are received, the Admissions Committee will meet to evaluate the candidacy and will notify the proposer of their decision as to whether the candidacy should proceed.

With approval from the Admissions Committee the proposer may bring the candidate to the next meeting. She may also want to have a tea or party to introduce her candidate to more members. She should request a proposal form, and the candidate may fill out the form herself. The candidate should be given and have read a copy of our by- laws before signing the proposal form.

The proposer is in charge of securing the three letters that are required for sponsorship. They include: her letter, one by the seconder and a third by the endorser. All must be hand written and signed by those members. The three members must also sign the proposal form.  The sponsors should review all responsibilities and activities with the candidate, including the Annual Party, The Fertilizer Fund and the Public Parks Service days.

The news of a finished proposal is announced at The Gardeners meeting.   The candidate should not be at the meeting when her name is announced as a candidate.  At the meeting and by e mail on the same day The Admissions Chair  will let the membership know that they have three weeks to write any comments with a hand written letter sent to her.  The Committee will vote at the end of 21 days from the meeting/ email announcement to determine if the candidate will be asked to join The Gardeners. If accepted The Membership Committee will notify her.  If accepted The Admissions Committee will notify her. She can be introduced at the next Gardeners’ meeting, and be officially and warmly welcomed as a new Provisional.

The sponsor, seconder and endorser are fully responsible for mentoring the new Provisional, making her feel welcome with introductions to our members and to our ways of doing things. One of the three sponsors should accompany the new Provisional to all Gardeners monthly meetings during her provisional year.

To develop the Provisional’s involvement in club activities, the sponsors should: be a guide to entering our flower shows; encourage work on our civic projects; encourage Provisional to attend workshops and trips


See By-Laws: Article II, Sections 1-10
July 2014