October 2013 Flower Show

Kudos to Eileen Longacre and committee for a well-organized and interesting flower show. I clerked with Pam Thompson on the floral arrangements and it is always a learning experience to record the judge’s comments on the entries. Don’t miss the opportunity to clerk if you are asked.

I think what strikes me about our flower shows is the amount of organization and people power needed—engaging the judges and seeing that they arrive safe and sound; setting up and taking down; seeing that the crates of lab vials and bases arrive in good condition; making sure the signage is correct for the categories exhibited; ensuring that the clerical supplies are in order and having buckets of water ready for the exhibitors. Did I forget anything? Oh, yes, making sure that our delivery person can find his way to the venue with all these supplies.

The program for the meeting was on pelargoniums. Many of us bought lovely scented varieties and brought home our challenge plants to grow for the next show.

Here are some photos of the day showing not only the floral design and horticulture entries, but some of the people who made it happen. Note the smile on Sandra Hudson’s face as she helped with take down and a broken bone in her foot.



  1. Michele Spence  November 8, 2013

    Connie what an excellent job,you,do, thank you. Michele

  2. Betsy Crowell  November 8, 2013

    Thanks for this wonderful display of pictures! Betsy


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