The Gardeners Blossom at the Ronald McDonald House

by Michele Spence

For many years the Gardeners have volunteered their time and artistic talent to bring a little joy into the lives of parents and children who are suffering through unimaginable problems.

The drive through parts of town that I have not been through before are an education–pot holes so large that I was concerned that my little car would be swallowed up. Parking is underground with a device to call ahead to have the garage doors opened. Once inside there is another device to use the lift to the next floor. Security is very tight. The lift opens into the main area with a large light airy play area with toys, a cafeteria tables a kitchen and large lounge.

A small boy about two and a half was eyeing me up shyly.   I noticed his lovely bright-colored boots and told him how fancy they were.  His Mother called to him, he turned and then I saw the purple marks of radiation on his small head. Another boy about nine named Josh, in a wheel chair, asked for chocolate milk.  He looked so frail it tore at my heart strings.

Liz Negry had been to Produce Junction  and bought wonderful orchids along with pots of purple kale and pink callas lilies and fresh cut flowers. We all worked diligently until no bare surfaces were left.

This is one of the many volunteer efforts The Gardeners do;  but, believe me, it is by far the most appreciated–and for me the most poignant.   I returned home to hug my eight-year-old granddaughter a little harder, ever  so grateful to have her.

(Editor’s Note:  The Gardeners thank this year’s team of arrangers at the Ronald McDonald House–Liz Negrey, Yvonne Bartman, Mieke Pistone and Michele Spence.)



  1. Wyn  November 5, 2014

    Great job ladies! Yes, indeed a very worthwhile cause.


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